Cancellation Policies


Because of the structure of our workshops, our instructors need time to plan, process,  and customize your materials. We require a per project deposit upon reservation. This deposit is credited toward your final total. Deposits are non-refundable except in cases that Studio 31.13 cancels the workshop.


We provide everything you need to craft at a party. Some packages may also include food and other customized details to make your event memorable. Due to our attention to details, we require at least ten days notice of cancellation for your party. If you cancel a party less than 10 days prior to the party date, you and your guests will not be refunded.

If one or more of your party guests do not arrive to the party, Studio 31.13 will not refund per-project deposits.

Other Cancellations

If Studio 31.13 cancels the reservation for any reason, we will do everything we can to notify the the host at least three days prior to the reservation. In most cases, deposits for these events will be refunded in full within 10-15 business days.