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Frequently Asked Questions...

At Studio 31.13, there are no bad questions! The following are several of the most frequently asked questions we get. If you cannot see your question here, please feel free to contact us!

What is a workshop?

A workshop offered at Studio 31.13 is an instructor-led time reserved to create specific projects, teach a specific technique, customized by age, or involve a series of tasks over several weeks to complete an entire project.

Are reservations required for a workshop?

Yes. Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance because, in most cases, workshops involve preparation from our instructors and/or customization. Some workshops do not need reservations and are indicated in the description of the workshops.

Do I need to pay in advance for workshops?

Yes, we require a per project deposit upon reservation. This deposit is credited toward your final total. Deposits are non-refundable except in cases that Studio 31.13 cancels the workshop.

How long do workshops last?

Each workshop is different. Most last about an hour and a half to two hours but each workshop is different and depends on how many guests are attending.

Do I have to do the same project that the group is working on during a workshop?

Yes. If you would like to complete a project that is not offered in a workshop, you may join us for open studio time.

What is open studio?

Open studio is time open to all guests to walk in and create a project at their own pace. Instructors are available to assist and guide guests during their time in the studio.

Are reservations required for open studio?

No. Reservations are not required during open studio time. 

Is there limit to the length of time that I am allowed to stay during open studio?

At this time, we are not limiting the length of time you spend at Studio 31.13, however, instructors may not be available if you attend during another event. 

Are children allowed to create projects at Studio 31.13?

ABSOLUTELY! We love experiencing crafting through a child's imagination, we even have specific workshops for little ones and even teens! Any children who are loud, disruptive, and/or dangerous to our staff and the experience of our other guests will be asked to leave. Projects may be brought with the child upon dismissal but refunds will not be issued.

May I bring a snack with me?

Yes! Food is always welcome. Studio 31.13 will not be held responsible for any damage snacks may cause to projects (grease from potato chips may ruin projects). Refunds will not be issued for damaged projects due to food or drink.

How does the retail portion of Studio 31.13 work?

We frequently hear that guests love our products but do not have the time to create their own projects. We offer most of our in-studio projects pre-made for direct purchase. We will also customize pieces with advance notice (at least 10 business days).

Is there a charge for custom designs?

Usually there is a small charge for some custom designs for projects. Changing paint colors in the studio is never a charge.

When do I choose my project?

For workshops, most projects are already picked for you. For open studio, you choose from our wide variety of projects when you arrive. For parties, you choose two to three designs from our wide variety of projects when you reserve the party day and time. 

Is alcohol served at Studio 31.13?

Yes. When you purchase one of our Studio 31.13 kit or party packages, we will provide free beverages including complementary wine, beer, soda, and water.

Am I allowed to bring my own alcohol to Studio 31.13?

We have specific guidelines we must follow to maintain our ABC License and ask that you contact one of our ABC Managers for details. 

May I rent out the entire studio for a function?

Yes. We will close the studio for private functions from time to time. Please contact the studio for details.

Do you host fundraiser nights?

Absolutely! There is nothing more exciting than supporting our local community! We offer a variety of options for fundraising events for legitimate fundraising needs. Please contact the studio for details.

Am I allowed to bring my own project design from home to complete at Studio 31.13?

We do not typically allow projects from outside the studio at Studio 31.13. There are very few exceptions. If you are genuinely interested in working on your project at the studio, please contact us for details.